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Season 2: Episode 8

Let the Games Begin

Bethany Beach holds a lot of wonderful memories for the Morgan family. They have owned a house in Bethany for more than 20 years, and they gather all three generations…

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In the press

In The Press

December 10, 2018

The 5 Biggest Trends in Beach House Design According to Celebrity Builder Marnie Oursler

Whether you’re dreaming of renovating a current home, building anew, or are simply dreaming, chances are you’ve spent more than a few afternoons glued to a design-focused reality show. And if your dreams involve bliss in a beach house—don’t they all?—chances are you’ve spent a good share of those afternoons binging Marnie Oursler’s Big Beach Builds. The DIY Network staple follows the Bethany Beach, Delaware, native as she renovates tired coastal

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November 9, 2018

ASK A DESIGNER: Interior doors can add light, personality

Clients are sometimes surprised when home builder and designer Marnie Oursler starts talking about bedroom doors.

They expect to discuss things like windows, wall colors and where a built-in bookcase might fit best. But many of Oursler’s clients hadn’t considered that creatively designed interior doors can add personality, improve the flow of natural light, and also serve as flexible partitions to break up an open floor plan or connect two

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September 17, 2018

Marnie Oursler’s BUILDING BIG: The 2001 alumna’s beach homes are prime time

She’s still just as busy, only now she’s juggling her own business, Marnie Custom Homes, and a TV show on the DIY Network, “Big Beach Builds.”

“My days are kinda crazy,” she says. “If we’re filming, the days are long – 15 hours easily. I’m out on job sites all the time, or going over blueprints or kitchen designs. The one constant is work.”

On “Big Beach Builds,” Oursler transforms dated homes along the Delaware coast into her clients’ fanta

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